Reconnecting with what’s important

A couple of months ago I was at rock bottom. I was in a lot of pain, used meds against that pain that dulled every creative spark in me, and felt completely lost.

Now I look back at that time, I can see that it truly was a blessing in disguise.

Losing all my creative powers made me focus on what’s important to me now I am regaining them. I am working on my short stories, writing poetry, blogging, doodling, playing in various apps on my iPad and phone and finding all sorts of new ways of creativity.

I am also letting go of a lot. Decluttering both physically and mentally. My office is an unholy mess because of it. And that’s a blessing in disguise too. Looking at the chaos and organising it, throwing things away, storing things in their right spots, all helps me  to find the calm that I really need to create.

All in all, I think I am learning more about me in these days of reconnecting than I have in all of my life.

This is just one of the lessons I’ve learned from my pain. I will definitely write more on the others in a later post.

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