Reading ancient texts

One of the major goals I have set for myself this year is reading 100 books.

I have set some side challenges, like participating in the Back to the Classics challenge to keep it even more fun. And oh my gosh, I am having so much fun diving into books I have been too afraid to read in the past.

There are three classic texts that have intimidated me over the years, and this year, I have added all three to my TBR pile!

Here they are, including the progress (if any) I have made with them!

  1. The Odyssey – I have wanted to read this book for so long, I used to have a teacher who could talk about Greek mythology with passion and I fell in love with so many heroes and heroines. I learned about the Odyssey specifically later on, and have meant to read it ever since. I didn’t because I thought it would be hard to read. I am definitely going to read it this year!
  2. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – I have learned about the meditations through a book I was reading years ago. I was intrigued, wrote down some quotes I looked up, and put the book on my TBR list, mentally. I am only now reading it, and I LOVE it. I am learning so much. One of the things that really moved me in the book will be in tomorrow’s post.
  3. The epic of Gilgamesh – The oldest book in the world, that is what a teacher at my country’s equivalent of high school said. And also: the oldest heroic tale known to mankind. I felt the need to read it this year, and I loved every second of it. Such richness in words and the description of Uruk still brings tears to my eyes. I am definitely a richer person for having read it.

Now I am so deep into this challenge of reading the classics, I am open to adding other texts as well, from different cultures. If there are any that you recommend I read, please let me know in the comments below.

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