Play to smile

When I get grumpy, for instance, because I am in pain, or when I have a headache, I always allow myself a couple minutes to feel bad for myself, and then I play.

I doodle, write a small poem, play a game, work on my art journal, draw on my iPad, learn new techniques that I can play with, anything. 

And then, after a minute, after ten —or however long it takes— I start to smile. 

That smile brings a lot with it, not only a renewed resolve to tackle whatever made me feel grumpy, but also a longing to do something to move me forward. 

I post my doodles, I write blog posts and before I know it, I can check off several tasks listed in my daily log and I can sit back and relax. 

It all starts with that smile. That smile is key to a perfect day. 

And I will always do whatever I can to make it happen again. 

By playing. 

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