The second editing round of my novel

The book I am writing right now is going through its second big editing round, and I notice the differences. When I first wrote it, I had no idea where I was going with the story, making it up as I went along, waking up in the middle of the »

Tales from Random Planets is out!

I’ve written another book! Tales from Random Planets has been in the works for many years, some of the stories in the book were written 10+ years ago. This is the blurb: > At death’s door, a pilot is forced to question all she believes about the universe; a »

Five essential journaling habits

Experimenting is part of being open this year 🙂 Given my plans for the year, my (bullet) journal is becoming even more essential to me as a writer. Here are five things I do to both focus on my day and to keep my mind focused on creativity. Gratitude journaling – I’ »

A day per page, simple as that

I have a bullet journal system that doesn’t change, no matter what medium I play in. At the moment, my bullet journal is in an A6 Muji notebook. It can also be in a Filofax pocket or a Traveller’s notebook in passport size. My system is simple and »

Getting ready to publish

I am preparing my short story collection for publication and so many uncertain feelings come up. I can’t even describe them. It’s just a lot. I don’t need nor want to describe them as these feelings don’t rule me. They can be there for as long »

Knitting all over the house

I’ve decided that, along with my weekly scheduled posts on Wednesday, I want to post on Friday as well, when I feel so moved, and talk about a creative ongoing project. This time I want to share about a couple of bags that are present throughout our 3 storey »

Indecision and writing

I’m a horrible decider. Ask me what I want for dinner, and my answer usually is something along the line of “uhmmmmm“. That’s annoying to others, but not something that harms me in the long run. There’s one part of indecision that is harmful to my writing. »

My word of the year 2019

I’ve set a word of the year for many years. I can’t even remember how many years, just some of the words still are in my mind. Last year, I knew my word of the year in November. This year, it appeared on December 10, and that’s »

Why I no longer want to hate editing

For the past years I’ve groaned and moaned to my heart’s content about editing. I felt it was soul-crushing and so mind-numbingly dull. I am currently editing my novel, and today I decided that I was done with all that negativity. It takes away the joy of something »

My tiny writing habits

I’m reading a book that’s changing my life. It’s called mini habits. In it the author shares why it is so powerful to set the smallest habit possible. For instance, instead of write 1000 words, I have: write 11. 11 means that I am done with my »

On Devotion (my word of the year)

Earlier this week I realised two things: it is almost the end of the year, and I have NO idea what my word of the year for 2018 was. So, I dove into my blog and found it. My first thought was: “Yeah, that was a total bust. And then »