Play is the way

This is a blog post I have written a few times already. I need to remind myself constantly because I forget what’s good for me on a regular basis I keep forgetting that I need to play to have a happier life. Today, I’ve finally played again. Glue, »

The silence of Winter

It is the heart of winter, and the world feels so silent. There’s snow outside, and I love how it adds to the silence. This is a perfect time to write intuitively, to sit in the quiet and let the words grow, find their way to my keyboard. It’ »

Writing something entirely different

(Wednesday writing is a day late because I’m a doofus with calendars 😀 ) I’m creating something entirely new this year: journal books! I’m hard at work on the first one, a small journal that helps to increase joy. I have a lot of ideas for new journals too »

My tiny notebook, deep thoughts on simplifying needs

Pictured below is my planner, a black cork @da_casca passport travellers notebook. and I absolutely love it. ![]( It is so lightweight and yet has all I need: a bullet journal, a journal and an art journal. In my bullet journal, »

On perfectionism and writing

Picture this. A writer sits behind her desk, pulling her hair, staring in desperation at the screen of her laptop. The reason? Two lines in the introduction of her next project. She moves words around. Adds other words, deletes lines, adds them back again because deleting the words didn’t »

On publishing again

A week ago today I hit the publish button and to my gigantic surprise, the book was online on Amazon 12 hours later. I wasn’t prepared for it at all, and therefor only did a soft launch on my blog, and shared my book on social media a couple »

The second editing round of my novel

The book I am writing right now is going through its second big editing round, and I notice the differences. When I first wrote it, I had no idea where I was going with the story, making it up as I went along, waking up in the middle of the »

Tales from Random Planets is out!

I’ve written another book! Tales from Random Planets has been in the works for many years, some of the stories in the book were written 10+ years ago. This is the blurb: > At death’s door, a pilot is forced to question all she believes about the universe; a »

Five essential journaling habits

Experimenting is part of being open this year 🙂 Given my plans for the year, my (bullet) journal is becoming even more essential to me as a writer. Here are five things I do to both focus on my day and to keep my mind focused on creativity. Gratitude journaling – I’ »

A day per page, simple as that

I have a bullet journal system that doesn’t change, no matter what medium I play in. At the moment, my bullet journal is in an A6 Muji notebook. It can also be in a Filofax pocket or a Traveller’s notebook in passport size. My system is simple and »

Getting ready to publish

I am preparing my short story collection for publication and so many uncertain feelings come up. I can’t even describe them. It’s just a lot. I don’t need nor want to describe them as these feelings don’t rule me. They can be there for as long »