On writing poetry

If I was forced to choose one creative thing I could do for the rest of my life and nothing else, my choice would be writing poetry.

There is nothing else that is as close to my soul as writing poetry is. It makes me smile just thinking of writing a poem.

This week I started in earnest to create the first of three tiny poetry collections I’ve wanted to publish for a very long time.

I’ve written tiny poems like haiku and elfjes for many years, and the only thing I did with them so far is sharing them on Instagram.

Is there anything better than rapidly writing poetry before it leaves your brain?
How my poems usually show up, scribbled in my journals.

I write them down in my (poetry) journals, scribbling furtively because poems don’t wait to be written.

And then I found the poem featured above this page, and I trembled.

You see, this poem isn’t a recent one, I’ve written it years ago.

My poetry was ready to Leap to Joy before I was.

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