On publishing again

A week ago today I hit the publish button and to my gigantic surprise, the book was online on Amazon 12 hours later.

I wasn’t prepared for it at all, and therefor only did a soft launch on my blog, and shared my book on social media a couple of days later 🙂

It’s so awesome to have published again, and it feels like something I could really get addicted to.

I ‘ve wanted to publish a short story collection for years, and I always was too scared to do it.

And now? Now my will to do something with my work is stronger than my fear.

Now I want my work to be seen.

I’m very proud of my little book, and seeing it in the sidebar of my blog every time I open it, makes me smile even bigger.

And it is easy once you get out of your own way and let go.

Because books need to spread their wings. Keeping them cooped up in dusty corners of your hard drive or your office doesn’t make you a better writer.

Getting them out into the world, does.

So go, share your work. And get addicted to publishing like I am 🙂

And me? I’m already working on my next projects, one long term (my novel) and one relatively short term, my journal book. I’ll share about that one in great detail in an upcoming blog post.

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