On paperbacks and being a writer

Ever since I’ve published Ganesha’s Blessings, many moons ago now, I’ve wanted the book in paperback.

When MindScreens followed, I felt the same way.

I didn’t publish them as paperback, because CreateSpace intimidated me, with all the rules and regulations.

Now paperbacks are in KDP (the Amazon publishing platform) I felt it was my chance and I’ve leapt to it. I have just uploaded the new paperback edition of Ganesha’s Blessings, and Tales from Random Planets follows soon.

After that, I will order several copies of each for a giveaway, a habit I intend to continue with the upcoming paperback of MindScreens, my new journal and every other book that follows.

It may sound silly, but seeing my books in paperback (well, the proof copies at least) made me feel both so proud, and it made me feel like I am a writer.

It’s silly really! I’ve blogged for YEARS and I’ve published three (plus two which are unpublished for different reasons) books on Kindle, but seeing my books in print makes me feel like I’ve made it.

And I have to admit, the thought of signing my actual books makes me feel giddy and oh so happy!

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