On old journals

I don’t keep my old journals. Once the bin with my journals is full, I get itchy.

Instead of joyful, my journals start to feel like an anchor, locking me in my past.

I don’t toss them altogether, though. I move through them deliberately, taking out poetry to type out later and add to future collections.

I paste my doodles in a journal and ticket stubs in another. I paste ideas I have scribbled down in my idea book, put mementos in another journal, and add some of the words I wrote with them

And then, after I have mined my journals for ideas and art, I shred the rest.

I know that other people keep their journals indefinitely, and that they still read through them occasionally.

My journals aren’t like that. My journals are mostly art, poetry etc and not much writing, and I go through phases with them. Some of the journals I have were half empty because I got bored with the format.

Others were used for morning pages and will be used as an art journal, my illegible scribbles serving as a background.

To me, this process is liberating. I don’t toss anything that has meaning to me, I collect it, give it a home. And by shredding what is left over, I release all the energies that were locked in those pages and give it back to me to use for more creativity.

My journals aren’t precious either. They have stickers, scribbles all over, are sometimes so thick that I can barely close it again.

Finding all the treasure that I hold in those journals again is just bliss. Adding them in a whole new way to new journals is so liberating and inspiring 🙂

And through this I have found a tremendous source of inspiration, a journal I wrote in years ago. I had forgotten how well it worked for me. I have started a new, similar journal and it just works!

I will write about that one next week 🙂

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