On journaling

I’ve kept a journal for most of my life. I started in school notebooks, with greyish rough paper, using my pencils and my school fountain pen. I’ve had all sorts of journals since, mostly on paper, but also digitally.

my journals, both art journals and regular / poetry
my journals! Top shelf is art journals, below is my regular journal and poetry journals (one is almost full)

I have a couple of different journals on the go now, a journal (in a traveller’s notebook) where I just write what comes to mind, a poetry journal, a doodle journal and several artjournals.

My planner is a journal too, a bullet journal. I will write more on that one in a post after this month, because bullet journaling is an essential tool for joy 🙂

I don’t store my “dear diary” type journals . They are mostly to free up my mind for my creativity. I do keep all my doodles, half-baked poems etc from those journals. I paste those in a notebook.

The reason that I destroy them and not save them like many others is that, for me, dear diary type journaling is cathartic, just emptying out my brain and not really thinking about what I write.

Getting rid of those journals feels like a transition. I still remember the last shredding party I had, and it was wonderful 🙂

And these days I also LOVE to write guided journals. I’ve written two up until now, 30 days of Joy and Spring to Joy, which is a freebie for signing up for my mailing list (the signup form is at the bottom of this page!)

I am working on the third, and have ideas for at least five more!

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