On insecurity and failing to blog

It’s been two months and a bit since I last blogged. I had changed my blog to a writing-only blog because I decided it was better to focus on one topic instead of my broad creativity subject.

And then inspiration just failed. My tasklist for the weeks after had “ponder the blog” on it more than I care to remember, and I just didn’t write.

And then I decided I was done with the insecurity and the constant thinking to myself on what I wanted.

It is wonderful to feel the eagerness to blog flow through my veins again, to be excited to see what I write here, because that is what I don’t ever want to change, the spur-of-the-moment style of blogging that has been my way for the past ten years+ of blogging.

And just in case I ever consider limiting myself to just certain topics, I will remind myself that limiting my creativity keeps me from doing what I love.

As I am writing this, I am getting very excited about the possibilities that are opening themselves up again. Everything is as it should be 🙂

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