On Imagination

When I was a little girl, one of the most heard complaints from my parents about me was that I had a vivid imagination. I was a big daydreamer. When I discovered art, I knew that there were people like me. This painting has been on my wall for many years, until the poster got torn because I tried to move it one more time.

I probably fell in love with it because of the elephants, but it stayed because it fed my imagination.

As a mostly out of context side note: I so relate with Abed in Community. He hears something and in his head, those words turn into fabulous worlds and strange locations. The group even turns into cartoons at one point.

One thing I love about my imagination is that now it is one of my strengths. I dream up worlds for my stories, get others to see amazing places in their minds just because I imagine them so vividly. I so love that I am a fantasy writer.

My first NaNoWriMo project was a novel, written 9 years ago. I woke up with an idea for a story, just one simple idea about a girl learning on her twelfth birthday that she is part of a family with superpowers, and my imagination took over. Ten days later I had a novel. I lacked the writing skills at the time to make it a great novel, but it was filled with imagination and scenes that played like a movie in my head.

Recently I came to realize that in the creativity unblocking sessions I do with others, my vivid imagination is a strength too. I can see the world I create for them, and therefore make it easier for them to see it too. It’s a win-win situation.

Another thing I love is that when I read something funny, I see the things that happen like a small movie my mind, and that cracks me up every single time. My husband and I so differ in that. I can read a silly thing like this one and laugh and laugh to tears because I see it. He can read it and just shrug it off as something funny but not laugh-worthy. It’s hard to explain how it works in my mind at times like that 🙂

Mostly I don’t care to explain. My imagination usually works on the next thing anyway. And that’s all it needs to do 🙂

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