on feeling less

It’s something I think most of us have felt at times: less.

Feeling less important than someone else, feeling less valuable, feeling less lovable.

It is easy to confuse that kind of feeling with jealousy. With anger. It goes deeper than that. It is like you put yourself on a scale, all that you are, your accomplishments, your beauty, your worth and say, “I am worth less than someone else.”

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you feel like crap, you radiate crap and you get crap.

Before you judge yourself as less, it’s important to keep this in mind.

We are all pieces of a gigantic puzzle. Why would you feel less than someone with their bright red puzzle piece while you have bright orange?

Look at yourself and see your colour. If your puzzle piece wasn’t in the world right now, there would be lack of orange. Do you have any idea how the world needs orange?

We all are part of the puzzle, all are part of the same, beautiful tapestry that is human life.

We all have gifts. We all can change lives. We all can change the world.

Just be yourself and know you are perfect.

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