On Enthusiasm and Connection

I am slowly adding old blog posts to my blog, as I like to have a cross-section of the 10_ years of blogging on my blog. The reasons why I’ve never transferred them in the past are multiple, and I don’t want to get into that right now.

Reading my old blog posts has taught me something. The posts I like most are the ones where you can see the enthusiasm for the subject burst out of the screen. The zeal is so strong that most of the time I am smiling within two lines.

Those are the moments I am connected. Where I am in touch with my playful self, my soul, my muse. I can feel the energy in the posts.

There are other posts that just feel disheartened, where I show I have lost faith in myself and in my writing, and where I feel lost.

I wish that on those days I would have read the posts where the zeal is visible, and felt that that was my true self.

Knowing this now, I think it is easier to reconnect, to switch on, to be one and to share the zeal of being me on my blog. I think those are the best teachers.

To me, they are at least!

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