On Doodling!

I doodled some table decoration at home, just to show that doodling can happen everywhere!
an old doodle, not a five-minute one 🙂

I am an avid doodler. Not always, sometimes I go for a while without it, but without fail, I return to it every time.

I think I love doodling most of all, because there are no expectations. I just put my pen or pencil to paper, and start drawing.

One of the things I love about doodling is that I can do it anywhere I want. A lot of my doodles are of favourite things around the house, for instance 🙂

And if I don’t feel like myself, I make the challenge even harder, going for five-minute doodles.

The beauty of five-minute doodles is, that with the time constraint, you can’t expect perfection. This makes the doodles joyful, completely wonky and so very liberating.

And that is just perfect!

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