On Devotion, my word of the year reflection

Earlier this week I realised two things: it is almost the end of the year, and I have NO idea what my word of the year for 2018 was. 

So, I dove into my blog and found it. My first thought was: “Yeah, that was a total bust. 

And then I read the poem and felt like crying. Here is the poem in question with comments below. 

Devotion to my work
To all the words that want
To play their way out of my skin

Devotion to my health
Doing all I can to keep
My body happy and nourished

Devotion to my spirituality
Learning my truths and finding
New ways of speaking them

Devotion to my heart
Spreading love and kindness
Blossoming into love

This year has been all about devoting to my work. I’ve begun editing a massive project that is currently going from first to second draft, I’ve edited a short story collection that will come out next year, I’ve worked on other projects too, all seeing the light next year, hopefully. 

I’ve been completely devoted to my health too, especially since my injury. I take pain meds, rest when I need to, fight like a lioness for what I need to heal, and am currently on a fasting regime that goes really well. 

I’ve been devoted to my spirituality this year too. I first rejected it completely. I didn’t feel like it, I was just down and sad. And then I started to read books that are meaningful to me again, and I started to reconnect the dots. My daily gratitude log became my cornerstone. 

And I’ve been devoted to love and spreading kindness in a small but meaningful way. I’m currently pondering about finding new ways to share that are authentic to me. 

Goes to show how much my mind knows. I’ve been devoted this year without focusing on it. Isn’t that awesome?

I will write about my word for 2019 at the end of the month. Can’t wait to find out what that word is 🙂

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