On desire and fear

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how everything can be an inspiration. Today’s post is an example of that.

Below is a screenshot I made during the week of one of my Duolingo lessons. I immediately knew that it could become a blog post. I snapped a screenshot and continued my lesson.

Desire and Fear are the most prevalent forces when it comes to creativity.

You desire to write a book but you fear what will happen when you do.
You desire to make art but you fear people will hate it.

You desire to publish something you have written, but you fear you will see you have made mistakes and you will feel like a failure.

I struggle with fear and desire every single time I write a blog post, but you know what? Desire wins almost every time.

I want to be a writer.
I want to write every day.
I want to share my ideas and dreams and goals.

Desire wins.
But fear can persistent.

That is why hitting the publish button is a win every single time, and this feeling is better than anything fear can throw at me!

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