On Challenges

Do you know what happens if you start to think you have conquered a challenge?

The universe ticks it of its to-do list and tosses you another one. Or the same one, if you have some residual learning to do?

Play is my continually returning challenge. I have a hard time giving it a place in my world because there are a lot of obstacles to shatter. Yet, I am ALWAYS happiest when I play.

I play, writing this blog post. I have no idea what I will write next. That’s the fun of it, not knowing.

And yet, I am afraid to show myself to the world as someone who always looks for ways to make the world more playful.

I want to smile at everyone I meet, find kindred playful souls to build a better world with.

I am so done hiding! Hey, universe, keep challenging me, and I will face them head on from now on!

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