On BuJo related anxiety

I have a bullet journal, currently in a passport travellers notebook. I intend to stay in that size because I value portability.

I forget that passport is my favourite size at regular intervals. I buy A5 notebooks and create daily pages in them. I usually don’t need a whole page so I fill up that page with quotes and other things I find.

And every time I start an A5, I fall into the same pitfall: every time when I go out I can’t bring it with me, because it doesn’t fit in my bag. And don’t even get me started on what happens when I decide to take a different bag with me. I wrote a whole post on joyful minimalism about that 🙂

So, I stick with my tiny book and am usually a happy gal.

But then last night, anxiety crept in again. I kept thinking of lists I should make and how I needed huge pages for it. I was certain that my tiny notebook wasn’t going to be big enough and oh I had to go back to a5 and make the list.

It took me a bit to catch myself. I leapt into my new strategy for dealing with this kinda crap: opened a new note in Google Keep and started to type the tasks that my mind thought were super important.

In the end, I only wrote down ten things. The rest of the lists I thought I should make were either not needed or I already had something similar in place. Funny how that works.

And then I let it rest for the night.

Early this morning I opened my bullet journal, added 4 of the tasks to my weekly post it, and added the rest to my daily tasks for today. After that I tossed the document in Google Keep.

If I had given into my anxiety I would have tossed my bullet journal aside and worked in my a5, only to start the cycle I’ve described at the start of the post all over again in a couple of days.

The funny thing is, that there’s still plenty of space on the page for today.

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