On being uninspired

Today I felt completely uninspired to create anything. When I feel like that I immediately get into inquiry mode, because under the uninspiredness is always a reason.

So I go on a discovery within myself. I just wonder what the problem is, start to feel my body, write a little bit about what I think if I need to and then, presto, I want to create again.

The way I find out what is wrong, is usually very haphazard, just tossing questions at myself and see which one sticks.

I figured I could make this more of a ritual, a self-check ritual. This way I won’t have to try and find out what is wrong, but truly, deeply dive into my body and mind in a direct way.

And, me being me, I want to write that ritual straight away and try it out 🙂

Feel your body
First get in touch with your body. Sit still, close your eyes and feel your body step by step, starting with the head, then shoulders, arms etc.
I find that I sometimes am not aware of how I am truly feeling and where my energy is being dragged to.
When you have scanned your body and don’t notice anything is wrong, high five yourself and go to the next step. If you do find something is wrong, write down what it is and then plan for some pampering after the ritual is over.

Check in with our emotions
Keep your eyes closed, and ask yourself: what am I feeling right now? What is below the uninspired blah sort of feeling I am having? Do I feel guilty, let down, treated bad? Whatever it is, let it come out and let it go with love. If tears come, that is good, tears are the ultimate letting go tool and nothing to feel ashamed about.

Watch your mind
I often find that I am uninspired because I have so much on my mind. This is an active step. Get out a notepad, and write down every big and small thing that you think you should do. Write shopping lists, lists of things that you have forgotten to do and keep you locked in shame spiral. Write down anything. Dump the contents that spin around your brain onto paper and clear space for creativity.

Face your fear
Below layers of emotions and thoughts, fears always hide. Especially when it comes to creativity, fears always have a way to sneak in. What are you afraid of? Write it down on a new sheet of paper. You can do something awesome with that page. You could grab a magazine and cover up the page with beautiful plctures you find in there. You can tear it up into tiny little pieces and then make a collage with it. Anything to get your creativity going again.
After you have followed all these check-in steps, it is time for action. What has your body told you? What do you need to do for your body to get ready to create? What do your emotions need you to do? Do you maybe need to write a letter to yourself to get the emotions out on paper? Then do that!

What is on the list you have scribbled down at step 3? Are there actionable tasks on it?

And what do your fears tell you??

What will you create after you have all the information the ritual has given you?

PS For me, my body definitely gave off lots of signals, and I was overwhelmed by lots of emotions. When I knew that, I was able to do what I needed to do to sit here and write this post.

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