My weekly self-care challenges

I don’t even remember how I came up with the idea, but I know that the idea came to me on Monday:

What if I set weekly challenges for myself regarding self-care. They can be big or small. If I love the challenge, I can choose to make it a habit, if I hate it and don’t feel any changes, I only have to do it for a week.

I can add the challenge of the week to the habit tracker I create for each week, and be honest about my progress, and then on Monday morning I review last week’s challenge and pick the next one.

This week, my self-care challenge is going to bed at 11. At the moment of my writing this, 22:30 on Thursday, I’ve succeeded twice, and failed once (well, technically, I fell asleep in bath and came out of it at 23:30-ish)

I don’t know what next week’s challenge is going to be. Right now “no processed sugar” is a big contender, but I know I can think of a lot of different things that can take its place.

I will definitely report back on my self-care challenges, as I believe they could be a gamechanger for me.

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