My varying needs for simplicity

If you would sit in my chair and look around, you wouldn’t think that I am working on simplifying what I have on my desk. It is a holy mess of papers I need to scan, drinks, my phone and iPad are strewn somewhere, there are two pen holders and there are some tarot card laid out that don’t really need to be.

But I know where everything is, I tell myself as I write this, but I also know one thing: I work best when there isn’t a lot of stuff around me, when my eyes aren’t constantly distracted.

Then again at other times I need the chaos to function. So, even though my desk may be chaotic right now, it functions for who I am right now. And if it stops working, if I start to fiddle around with things I have on my desk or if I start to play with things that don’t matter to my work, I will make changes.

Then again, who really needs so many pen holders on their desk? Time to post it and get that back to one 😀

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