My tiny writing habits

I’m reading a book that’s changing my life. It’s called mini habits.

In it the author shares why it is so powerful to set the smallest habit possible.

For instance, instead of write 1000 words, I have: write 11.

11 means that I am done with my daily writing when I’ve written an Elfje.

I could have set 1 word as a goal too, but 11 is way more enjoyable.

Another habit is to read one page in a book. Another one is to edit 100 words.

The beauty of setting these teeny tiny habits is that they are super easy to achieve. And the feeling you get when you check them off is just amazing.

It’s a way to positively enforce setting habits that changes my life completely.

I can highly recommend setting mini habits and then every day check them off and smile.

It’s just the best feeling ☺️

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