My tiny notebook, deep thoughts on simplifying needs

Pictured below is my planner, a black cork @da_casca passport travellers notebook. and I absolutely love it.

It is so lightweight and yet has all I need: a bullet journal, a journal and an art journal.

In my bullet journal, I use a day per page and it’s more than enough space for most days. On other days I use an extra page.

The journal is where I write down small musings throughout the day, and paste in things that make me smile.

The art journal is where I play. I add my tiny doodles and my favourite quotes. It’s where I write tiny poems and random ideas that inspire me every time I see them.

When I think back to the days where I lugged around large journals and massive pencil cases, I smile.

It’s a smile of gratitude that through that I’ve discovered what I really need., and that makes my tiny notebook everything.

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