My Minimalist Bullet Journal

I keep a Bullet Journal. It is my daily tracker for all the things I do and have to do, and it helps to keep me focused on my goals.

Among other things.

Now, when you look at Bullet Journals online, you see the most amazing artworks, filled with gorgeous linework and beautiful doodles.

My Bullet Journal is far from that. It’s a soft cover A6 Muji notebook with a fun owl postcard on the cover. It contains a day per page, and some lists for books I’ve read, books to read, projects, order tracker etc.

Because I love colours, I use one pen per day. At the end of the day, I set up for the next, and pick a pen for the next day. It’s simple but effective.

I don’t keep weekly or monthly logs, just set up a “things I need to do next week” list in my Bullet Journal each Monday, and then check our Google Calendar for appointments each day. That’s it.

My Bullet Journal is more minimalist than I am at home, and that’s OK. It teaches me a lot.

In fact, my daily Bullet Journal is a such a great help, that I have set up a Joyful Minimalism Bullet Journal today.

It will be used for all aspects of the home, a list per room is the starting point, and it will grow from there.

I have no doubt that it will help me declutter the home, and find what brings me joy in the process.

I will share the home Bullet Journal in a video once I have set it up completely.

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