My favourite reading apps

My phone has some apps that help me be a better reader and that help me reach my 100 book goal for the year. (currently at 10 books!)

Here are my favourite reading apps, and two apps that are reading adjacent:

I have a Kindle Paperwhite but for when I am on the go or for when I can’t find my Kindle I have the app. I usually have several books on the go on my kindle, but in the app, I usually stick with just one of them, currently, that book is Gilgamesh.

My Audible account is responsible for half of my list of books read this year and I am close to finishing another one, Rhys Bowen’s Royal pain. (Love that series so much!). I listen to audiobooks in bath, while doing chores, while doing routine work on my laptop (like editing pictures) etc.

I have discovered this app recently and it is awesome. It has audiobooks of classic literature, all free. I have started listening to The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens for my Back to the Classics challenge.

Serial Reader
This is a recent addition. With this app, you can read classic literature in bite-sized portions. Perfect for on the go, for when I want to relax a bit after an editing session while having tea etc. It’s perfect. Currently reading A Scandal in Bohemia.

My first reading adjacent app is Goodreads. I keep accountable for my 100 books in Goodreads and find new books to read in any genre through my friends. Here’s my profile, in case you would like to connect 🙂

Evernote is my second reading adjacent app. I have a list of books I want to read, most snagged from reviews in places like the Guardian,  book tube channels and podcast (like booknerd, more on those in a later reading related post). I also use it to keep notes on books I am reading, and I add topics to my “feed my curiosity” note, where I maintain a list of things I want to research/read more on.

I have found that listening to instrumental music helps me keep my focus when I am reading. Here’s a YouTube video I’ve been using recently.

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