My Bullet Journal helps me to be kind to myself

It is about time I write about this, as it is such an essential step in my daily life and my daily self-care.

I have kept a bullet journal for a long time now, and it meandered and morphed due to my needs. One of the most important things I have added recently is a health tracker.

I track key points, how my asthma is behaving, how my pain levels are, sleep, weather and last but not least, my mood.

I track mostly because I used to scold myself for not doing enough in a day. Now I just have to look at my bullet journal and know that I have done what I could.

This simple act of making ugly scratches on pink paper is so healing, and has helped me love myself.

This way, just keeping a bullet journal does so much more than help me remember doing my daily tasks, or log what I have eaten. This way, it teaches compassion.

And that compassion makes me be kind to those around me too. Who could have known that the simple act of writing my tasks on paper would help me so much.

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