Minimalism and creativity

What matters when it comes to creating? What is truly important?

Asking yourself those questions can bring some challenges. Do you need all the tools you currently have at your disposal? Or are they a distraction?

Grab a couple of your favourite tools and set them up for easier access. Do you create more? Or is there still something missing?

Add the thing that is missing to them.

How does it feel now?

Does it make you create more?

For me the answer to the last question is yes. I have de cluttered so much of my art stuff and am only surrounding myself with things I love to create with. And even though my desk is still a mess (as I am still setting everything up), it is also making me create more.

I can reach for my favourite pens in seconds. My ongoing journals are at my grasp, my bin filled with craft stuff is at the ready for me to play, and my desk is usually clear enough to start playing right away.

And I am critical. I may feel like keeping something around, but if I don’t use something in a month or two, it goes out the door.

What is your bare minimum to create? Where could you start this same process?

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