Loving Vincent

When did I start to love Vincent’s artwork? I don’t know. I have had a book of his letters and then after that a book of all his known artworks ever since my early twenties, maybe even earlier.

I have read his book of letters and then accompanied it with the book of art so that I could look up the artwork referenced while reading the books.

I loved him through his art. I still do.

So when I found out about a fantastic project that would depict so much of his work in a completely new way, I knew I wanted to see it.

Yesterday was that day.

The movie was glorious. So moving, to tears a couple of times in fact, and as beautiful as Vincent’s art. His stars came alive to me, his sunflowers, his incredible suffering.

But also his joy, his tremendous artistry, and the glorious brush strokes and colours. He was an artist with a capital A.

If you love him like I do, go see Loving Vincent. You will love it and be heartbroken at the same time.

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