Letting go of ideas

I did something really scary yesterday, I trashed a lot of title-only documents in Evernote.
They lived in the blog folder for ages. They had a vague title and that was it. They didn’t come with a list of bullet points to guide the writing of the post.
They were meant to inspire future blog posts, but every time I saw them they reminded me of my failure to to write and share the accompanying posts.
And yesterday, when I came in to find inspiration for the posts for the rest of the week, I suddenly was sick of seeing the empty documents.
They were clutter. I deleted them and felt a sense of DEEP relief.
Sometimes ideas aren’t meant to be a blog post. And that’s ok.
Sometimes an idea is half-baked at best and it will come out as a blog post in another way. That’s awesome!
But until they do, they don’t clutter up the ideas that are ready to become a blog post.

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