Let your heart be your eyes

I’ve doodled these words on my phone today, without thinking of what I was writing.

Ever since I did that, I feel its influence on me. Sounds weird, but I started to look at myself with kindness and love.

I didn’t eat what I wanted but what my body craves. I didn’t get frustrated when something didn’t work.

I didn’t get up to do something but rested up because the pain in my arm needed me to rest.

I didn’t get upset when reading something that would have aggravated me before, either. I just moved on.

I know this feeling may change. I really hope it doesn’t but I know that something may overwhelm me again. It’s ok. As long as I can accept that the feeling isn’t permanent, I am good 😊

PS: this blog post is a stream of consciousness post and I feel I need to post it as is.

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