Less fear, more adventure

The other day I had a total breakdown. I had not taken everything into account on a situation and fear, doubt and their pal need-to-do-everything-perfect had a party. When the tears had dried and my sense of self returned, I realised that this is a pattern in my life that I need to heal.

At one time in my life those feelings were the driving force in my life, also joined by their pal do-not-get-noticed-or-people-hurt-you. I, however, am not that Sylvia anymore. I am an artist. I live to make mistakes.

In my mistakes I find new ways in my art. In my mistakes I find my Self. So, today I embrace the Sylvia that needed fear and his pals so tight she giggles and then I am waving goodbye to them, thanking them for their service.

Many adventures await me, and I need my wings to soar into the wide open world that is my life, my art.

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