Learning French with a grin

I have written a couple of times about learning French. The other day I decided that instead of struggling my way through Le Petit Prince (so many new words!) I wanted to read something else entirely.

And then we were in Paris, and I saw a bookstore that sold comic books. I knew exactly what I wanted: Asterix chez les Bretons (Asterix in Britain).

I have read that book countless times, both in Dutch and in English, as I had read the translation of the book in English was exquisite (it was!).

Alas, the bookstore didn’t have the book, so I ordered it via abebooks.

And now, I am reading it in French, slowly, page by page. I know the scenes so very well, and I know the story by heart, so if I run into a word I don’t get, I write it down in my journal.

I love it so much. I am not the fastest reader, at all, but I am a reader with a big smile on my face, occasionally grinning.

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