Leap, free from fear

I was pondering writing today’s blog post when a thought popped up in my mind: “I shouldn’t write about how I set myself free from fear, it really doesn’t fit with Leap to Joy!”

I’ve had these kinds of thoughts every time I wrote a blog post, shared something on Instagram, edited a project I want to sell here later.

Even though it’s hard, I accept those thoughts come from fear, and the sit down to create anyway.

Fear doesn’t get a vote

Doing what I want to do anyway is such a liberating feeling. It’s making me write this blog post. It’s making me post something I really love to the newsletter today, and it’s making me see that I am the only one restricting myself from shining my light.

I often have the thought that I’m not able to do a lot, so I shouldn’t share my words because they are meaningless to those who don’t have the physical issues that I have.

I leap free from fear, by ignoring my thoughts.

Even though those ideas are heartbreaking at the moment, it makes me see how much I do need to share. Not everyone is perfectly able-bodied, after all. I bet that a lot of people struggle (like I still do often) to find meaning in their lives.

So I set myself free by moving with my courage and doing exactly the opposite of these fear-filled thoughts.

I’m going to create some graphics to go along with this post and then I’m going to spread my wings and soar towards the publish button.

It’s the only right thing to do!

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