Why keeping a Gratitude Journal is essential

Expressing gratitude is such an important part of my day.

It’s how I start off my writing time, sharing my morning gratitude with my writing partner.

I also end the day with gratitude journaling, closing out my bullet journal’s daily pages with three things I’m grateful for before opening the next day’s page.

Taking my time, sitting in stillness as I write my gratitude list is a reset for my mind and a perfect way to create calm for sleep

Gratitude journaling in my bullet journal
yesterday’s gratitude journal

It’s also so wonderful to read my gratitude lists the next day, at those moments when anxiety keeps me from focusing on things I need to do.

Writing my daily gratitudes also has another beautiful benefit.

On days where I haven’t done much due to health issues, writing my gratitude list is a reminder that simple joys can be found even on gloomy days.

That reminder may be the most powerful aspect of expressing my gratitude to me.

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