Just write!

Picture this: I had a thought, a deep thought that needed to be written.I opened the app of choice, and lost myself in creating the perfect note. A recreation of my thought process:

  • No, that has to be bold.
  • I need to make a table out of that first line.
  • Oh, I need a photo to add to this…. Wait, what did I want to write down, exactly?

One of the complications of life as a writer nowadays, is that there is so much to distract from those beautiful first thoughts. Apps with shining possibilities, notebooks with a plethora of favourite pens, and not to mention the distractions of notification dings.

just write! even if your fingers are cold :)
Just write! even if your fingers are cold!

I’ve come to the realization that to be a writer, I need to keep things simple and easily accessible.

What use is a notes app with all bells and whistles when you lose yourself in the bells and whistles and not in the writing?

What use is having a bullet journal when you lose yourself in the design before you write what truly matters?

How can I write a poem if I lose myself in designing the perfect post for Instagram first?

It is so easy to lose yourself in the design aspect, especially if you love designas much as I do.

But to be a writer, to be a planner, I have to let go of that, and just write. Just plan. Just take notes.

Honour writing time.

Just ignore that shiny new thing until the note is written, the poem is on paper, the blog post structure stands.

That’s when you get to create that Instagram post, design that pretty note, layout the perfect blog post.

To tinker.

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