When in doubt, journal.

That’s been my motto for the last couple of years. I don’t journal every day, but I know the signs of me needing to journal.

I have several journals on the go.

I keep a regular paper and a digital (written with an apple pencil in Metamoji note) dear diary type of journal. I used to journal in Day one, but that just doesn’t work as well as writing by hand does.

I use journaling in my writing too. I write lengthy journal posts from the viewpoint of my main character, feeling my way into their personality by writing the journals.

No one ever gets to see these journal entries, they are purely developmental (unless a character comes forward who wants to be the next Adrian Mole of course).

I also keep a journal for my book, taking notes of ideas I have along the way, and to keep track of my b-cast characters (it is so easy to lose track of them in your novel lol).

And lastly, I journal to keep focused on what brings me joy, using a journalbook I’ve created called 30 days of joy.

It’s so helpful to have it to go back to, and to remember what makes me happy!

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