January reading update

In a blog post earlier this month I stated that I want to be a reader again.
It’s almost February and it’s time to look back at my reading habits and progress in January.

  1. If I finish The War of Art I will have read 8 books in January. Haven’t finished it yet because I keep needing to read a chapter. More on that later.
  2. I have way more books in progress. Some I listen to while working on simple tasks on my laptop or while working around the house, others I read in bath, others before sleep. I have never had an issue with keeping up with multiple books and that hasn’t changed.
  3. I love the mixture of fiction and nonfiction. My list of books I’ve read this month goes from mystery to writing to astrophysics. 
  4. I am so enjoying the nonfiction reads that I have decided that half of the books I read this year have to be nonfiction. I am on our with that for this month.
  5. I have watched some videos about unschooling and realized I need to feed my curiosity. I have started a list of topics I am interested in and want to learn more about. I will share (part of) this list in a future post.
  6. Not allowing myself to read fantasy/sci-fi (am editing my novel) helped me find new reads in genres I haven’t read much in during the past years. It’s just awesome to read Rhys Bowens Her Royal Spyness series for instance.

Reading habits I want to improve again in February.

  • I need to develop an early morning reading habit. I still grab my phone or tablet to read the news half of the time. I need to reach for my Kindle more.
  • Also, my nighttime routine needs some tweaking too. I have now set an alarm on my phone for 10:15. After that, I am only allowed to read. No excuses allowed.
  • Other reading times I am starting to enjoy: during/after lunch, just after a writing session.
  • Taking notes and highlighting on Kindle. Reading nonfiction makes me eager to learn more and taking notes makes me retain it and feeds my writing. Some of the inspiration for my blog posts this month came from reading.

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