Involve your senses – taste

Sometimes when I struggle with my writing, I set myself a goal. For instance, I say I have to write 500 words or edit a scene, and when I complete my task, I am allowed to eat a snack I really love. 

It’s a childhood trick, but it still works 🙂

In this way, snacks (also some unhealthy ones *cough*) are essential to my writing process. 

With what taste could you coax yourself to write more words? 

You can also deploy the sense of taste in your writing. For instance, write a short scene where your main character is eating his/her/their favourite meal. 

  • What is the meal? 
  • What memories are attached to it? Positive/negative?
  • When did they first taste it? 
  • Does it still taste the same?  Or has their palate changed over the years?

For me, using taste is a great way to dig up my own memories, too. I can still wax lyrical about the best chocolate I ever ate 🙂

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