This is my first time participating. I am so happy I finally signed up 🙂

I have two insecurities I am playing with these days. The first is the whole pantser vs plotter thing. I have forced myself to plot for the last novel I wrote. It is the most soulless I have ever written (quite literally, because it contained vampires lol). I am now writing the sequel to a book that I will self-publish next month, and I am freeing myself up completely to write it. I do keep a note file with the plot per chapter and I have a list of ideas that I keep adding to, for the rest I let the story write itself.

And yet, every time I sit behind my keyboard to write this book, insecurities set in. I think of all the things I will need to do to make this into something readable later on, and the fingers freeze on the keyboard. To break through this I usually play first and then write. This costs time and energy though. I will get through this insecurity!

The second is marketing. I keep finding out ways of marketing I don’t like (bombarding with a book for instance), but my way isn’t working either (not saying a damn thing about it lol). So yes, I need to do something in between, but then doubt sets in. I hope I will have something figured out by next month’s meeting.

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