I don’t want to journal

  • I don’t want to journal
  • My handwriting SUCKS
  • I don’t think it does me any good
  • I hate my words so much
  • Why do I even do this?
  • I could do so many other things
  • Writing is stupid
  • Oh god, it is so stupid to write! Why did I never realize that?

Do these snippets of inner dialogue sound familiar? I really detest it when this kind of jabbering happens to me.

In this example, I talk about journaling, but it is universal for me. When I sit down to write a blog post, it happens. When I write a blog post, it happens. When I edit a story or a novel, it happens.

It is self-sabotage, pure and simple. It’s your whiny mind getting in the way of your words. Sometimes, like in this instant, letting the mind whine is a good thing. Why?

Because you see how stupid it is. After writing these words down I write to myself: I AM A WRITER DARNIT, NOT WRITING IS LIKE NOT BREATHING!

And I sat down to write this post.

I once wrote, “The more want, the more whine.”

The other way around is also true. The more my mind whines, the more I want to write things.

In that regard, I am doing well these days 🙂

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