I am not my work

I was on Goodreads today and saw one of my books got a low rating from someone.

In the past that would have freaked me out, thinking I wasn’t good enough etc. Now I just move on to my blog to write about why I keep writing, no matter what.

You see, I am not my work.

I write it, I create it, I put lots of hours to make it as perfect as I can, and then I release it.

Staying attached to what happened next has kept me frozen for years, to the point of not finishing work because I was afraid of what would happen. I am so done with that.

Realising I am not my work keeps me sane. The books may get bad reviews but the review is about the book and not me.

Meanwhile, I work on writing my next one, and the next. I have several books planned for the year and I intend to send them out into the world with glee.

Because that’s what authors do.

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