How I plan

I’ve wanted to try out a Hobonichi Weeks for years. I couldn’t give any reason why, just that it seemed like a great planner. I told myself I shouldn’t buy it as I was a page a day kind of gal. And yet, I knew that how I plan wasn’t set in stone, and I just kept pondering.

Then somewhere in August, I wondered if a company sells 2020 Hobonichi’s at a steep discount, so I could play!

I found one for 7 euros including shipping and bided my time for two weeks until it came.

And then I set out to plan.

how I plan in my hobonichi weeks
my hobonichi

I knew I wanted to keep two things from my former planning style: a gratitude log and a tracker for the four simple habits I’ve set for myself each day (more on those later).

I added the gratitude log to the top of the right page and the habit tracker to the bottom.

Then I added the bullet journal style to do list in between.

I wrote down all my appointments for the week and then each day I added three tasks. If I thought of more things to do during the day, I added them to the to do list to the right.

Something was still missing, though:

Changing how I plan for the better!

After some experimenting, I finally landed on this: I pick one big/important task a day to work on, and I add that to the day in red.

Everything else goes on the to do list. I’m only allowed to work on those when I’ve done the red task of the day.

I also mark quick tasks with a blue dot, so I know I have some easy wins at the ready when I’ve done my work.

So far, this really works! For some reason I get way more done in a day and I don’t feel worn out at the end of the day. A big bonus!

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