How I juggle my writing projects

This year, I have finally started to bring some of the writing projects that I have stalled on to life.

I am currently working on a non-fiction project, the texts for an oracle card, and I am taking notes for a novel that I want to bring to second draft next year.

Besides that, there are some other novels (including some REALLY shitty drafts I have written for NaNoWriMo over the past 14 years) waiting on the sidelines and a couple of poetry books that are in the planning stage.

How I juggle all of them?

I have a bullet journal. I have a list of each project in it, or there will be one soon, and I have meticulously listed each step, and check off the steps as I go.

And then each week I pick two things from those lists, one that is a longer term one, like the editing project I am doing right now.

And then I pick an easy peasy thing from other lists and add that, like this week I will sort through a folder of my poetry and pick some poems that I think would work for a mini book I have wanted to make for years.

This way, even though it may take some time, I hope to have finished up all the projects over the course of a year or so.

And, even if you aren’t a madwoman like I am with a lot of things on the backburner, just writing down what you need to do to bring your project to completion is absolutely worth it!

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