Healing negativity on the mat

Sometimes I step on the mat, and everything goes smoothly from start to finish, I feel calm and every asana feels natural, as if I have done them all my life.

At other times, I start with the same calmness but then am agitated within minutes as a negative, long forgotten memory pops up and haunts me with all sorts of emotions.

I have had issues with this ever since I first started to do yoga, and it has driven me bonkers at times.

This week I had the same kind of onslaught of thoughts in the middle of an asana. I didn’t allow it to bother me, I just breathed the thought away and then moved to the next asana.

After my last asana, I sat down to do my breathing work and had to leap up to write down this thought: “What if the negative memories are locked in the muscles? What if yoga helps bring them out to heal?”

This idea has been with me ever since, and I knew I had to write this blog post for today’s yoga post.

It feels right to me. It feels liberating.

I am going to climb on the mat today and whatever thoughts bubble up, I let them go with love and then I will stretch my liberated muscles and smile.

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