Healing my inner wound

These past days I have had very intense dreams, some so deep that I woke up feeling like I was still in their world.

All the dreams had something in common, I dreamed about different situations where I had to take control and get out of a situation, at times only taking what I needed. In every dream, I woke up after I had taken the steps needed to get out of them.

This morning I woke up from such a dream, a familiar one, where I am lost in a strange city and have to find my way back home.

After I woke up, this post begged to be written.

I became aware of the wounded side of me, the big wound left behind by some situations in my life that hurt me deeply. The wound speaks when I am afraid of people. The wound speaks when I am turning away from the screen because I am scared to write what I need to write.

The wound speaks when I am procrastinating.

The wound spoke in the dreams. In each dream, I knelt or curled up and didn’t move until I was sick of that and took action in each of them. I took back my stuff, told someone to go f themselves, or hopped on a train not caring where it went, as long as I was away from a girl who bullied me as a child.

The dreams have taught me I am stronger than the wound. I am stronger than the wave of pain that attacks my body now. I can sit and write this blog post just as easy as I can sit and stare at a TV-screen.

I am my true, unwounded self when I step into my own strength, into my own power, into my love for myself.

Because love is the only thing that heals the wound. The wound may be caused because of emotions related to people in my past, but I am the only one who can heal it. The wound always was my choice to keep.

Not anymore.

Love is my band-aid.

I am ready to enter the world unwounded. Are you?

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