Give to yourself first

We have been taught from an early age on to not be selfish. That’s a good lesson in its core. To keep all you have to yourself, doesn’t keep your energy flowing, for instance. You have to give in order to receive.

There is an inherent flaw in this system, though. It teaches us to be givers, but not to be receivers. Many of us feel depleted because we only give, give, give, but not receive, receive, receive.

Then, when someone comes and takes all we have without giving anything back, we feel empty and disillusioned.

I have been there, and on occasion still am. That is if I forget to ask myself a question that is of vital importance,a question that you need to ask yourself every day:

What do I need?

I love to ask this question while looking in the mirror.

Asking this question means that you create space to fill yourself up to the brim with energy. Then when during the day people ask for your help, you get to give it to them freely. You have enough to get by. You don’t care about reciprocation then, because all there is, all you will ever need, you give to yourself.

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