Getting ready to publish

I am preparing my short story collection for publication and so many uncertain feelings come up.

I can’t even describe them. It’s just a lot.

I don’t need nor want to describe them as these feelings don’t rule me. They can be there for as long as they want to. I’m going to hit publish.

And of course, people won’t like my book. There will be people who hate it with a passion. That’s ok. That’s life.

As long as I do my book justice, bringing it into the world the best way I can, I’m good.

Also, the next project is already waiting, quietly buzzing around in the background of my mind.

Soon that will be finished too and and then the next awaits to be finished.

And to keep my publishing mojo going, I will keep writing my blog posts. They are the best cure against publishitis, as I hit that button every day.

Just like I’m doing right now.

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