Five essential journaling habits

Experimenting is part of being open this year 🙂 Given my plans for the year, my (bullet) journal is becoming even more essential to me as a writer.

Here are five things I do to both focus on my day and to keep my mind focused on creativity.

  1. Gratitude journaling – I’ve done this for a long time, three entries at the end of the day. I write them at the bottom of each daily page and it makes all the difference in the world.
  2. 5-minute journal – I’ve just installed this app and it is amazing. I love the way it asks the same questions every day. It’s such a wonderful method that really works to bring me to calm before sleeping.
  3. Bullet journal – I’ve fully embraced the fact that I don’t bullet journal like most of the people you see online. I’m currently using an A6 journal with a cover and it’s just perfect for me. I did make one major change, and that’s big enough to be point 4 🙂
  4. Rapid memory keeping – I’ve read about this in the Bullet Journal book by Ryder Carroll and it’s amazing. Every time I want to journal something that happens or something I do, I write a one or two line short entry in my bullet journal. It is short, to the point and makes me smile when I read through old entries.
  5. Doodle Journal – It’s so much joy to doodle and let perfectionism go.

I am going to add new journaling habits to this. When I do I will surely post an update.

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