Finding my way back to reading

I have some very unhealthy habits.

One of those habits is watching way too much TV, especially now I am in recovery mode, and using meds that make me feel wobbly inside.

And reading falls by the wayside. Add to that the problem that my meds make my mind frazzled, and I sometimes need to read a page three times, and you have someone who has only read three books in the past month.

And I want to read more because curling up with a book has always been my favourite thing to do, and when I do sit down and read, I always smile.

So, I keep trying. I have dropped some books that I really had a hard time reading. I read novella’s, so I at least feel some accomplishment for finishing something. I also re-read some of my favourite children’s books.

I probably won’t be able to finish my 100 book challenge for the year at this rate.

But I don’t care. The challenge was about way more than reading the 100 books. It was about finding my way back to books.

And that I have accomplished.

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